Potash Corp. rejects $130-share bid from BHP

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by ttowntrader, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Shareholders at POT are idiots... This is a good short now, will keep it on the radar.
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    I do not blame the company. Potential for higher prices in the future is there, unlike some stupid tech stock.
  3. POT has an incredibly sound business model. The opportunity for growth in the future is immense. The world population is skyrocketing and people need to eat. In the medium term, POT should benefit from low wheat production.

    I cannot think of any reason POT shareholders would want to be bought out.
  4. 32x for the company? Please. You can build for less. It's a commodity, period.
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    Its 17x next year earnings. It looks like they agree with the estimates and the growth rate going forward
  7. Wow, you know what they're going to earn in 2011, Kreskin? You're amazing! Next time adjust the forward PE for a price of 145. These are not oil reserves they're buying.
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    Thanks, my mom raised me well
  9. Expected an open of 21+ in the straddle, trading 15. No go. Will buy it if it prints 13.
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