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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by madmaxer, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. Good activity today, I wonder if we can close the 06-17 gap ? I have been monitoring POT and think that this is a buy signal.... Your idea ?
  2. NoDoji


    POT lowered near term guidance, but predicted a "blockbuster" 2010, so I'm guessing that long term institutional money is buying the dips below 90.00, very likely up to 100.00 at this point, not sure how much higher it will push in the near term though without earnings follow through.
  3. BartS


    I actually traded POT today....Institutions were piling in sick on this thing, I did not take part in the entire move but with this volume it was hard not to go with the flow...
    Seems like fertilizer prices are going up - more profits potential (although I don't really care about fundamentals) and earnings should be a catalyst for pushing this thing up higher....

    If I was to play this longer term I'd look for an entry on monday then hang on for the ride - lighten position (or skip) at earnings....this thing likes to get jumpy...