POT on Fire .. Inflation Coming?

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  1. Did you guys see POT breaking out of 100 today?

    Looks like inflation coming.. or people expecting it to.


    Discussing the Fed’s plans for change and the threat of inflation, with Tony Crescenzi, Miller Tabak Asset Management; CNBC’s Steve Liesman & Rick Santelli. -cnbc.com

    Hyperventilation vs. Hyperinflation
    The specter of inflation that was supposed to scare investors back into commodities has so far stayed in the shadows.:(

  2. ?.....sucker rally? :cool:
  3. im not too sure about that... remember last yr when POT was just poppn one resistance after another. since ppl know oil boom is over from all the new laws and a shift to electric cars and ppl know inflation is right around the corner and ppl don't want to buy equities from risk, they might be hoarding cash into these commodities...
  4. Goldstocks have also been performing great despite the relative flatness in spot price of gold.
  5. 1) When POT rallied from ~150 to ~240, it was "popping resistance".
    2) When it declined from ~240 to 75, it was "popping support".
    3) Is the recent rally really because of "inflation", "momentum buying" or "restoration of liquidity"? :cool:
  6. 3) all three
  7. POT = correlated to soybeans
  8. pot= correlation to pot, pot is coming thank to B.O. Smoke em if you got em!
  9. NYC212


    pot, mon, mos, all move like wild.

    CE didnt go up today? what gives? seriously CE?

    why did ce tank?
  10. ....and gold and crude oil. A liquidity-driven environment is a good thing. :cool:
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