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  1. Any clue on agricultural stock. ANy bulls on agri..
  2. ammo


    i'm looking to buy puts in potash,i think the farmers have to had already bought their summer stash
  3. mark2


    Long it as an investor...and trade long when the price of the stock pullback each time.

    China, the world's largest potash importer is now paying triple the price on potash they were paying last year. Price is expected to be higher later this year. And the supply of potash is not totally short but limited.
  4. ammo


    thanks,that's the 2nd non reaction to selling here,i'll wait
  5. jgold310


    I have put leaps on POT. If commodities start to go down POT will follow.
  6. This is elite trader. You can only create threads about stocks that are making 52 week lows.
  7. i've been thinking it could be priced to perfection. could peak in the summer after earnings
  8. Potash stocks will keep rising for a long time to come.
  9. ammo


    there is a line at 219,look for pullback to 12
  10. ammo


    and then break down past 206 to 03,then pu;lbsck to 180
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