POT and MOS taking huge dumps

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  1. Should've know this was going to happen once I saw a certain someone screeching about them for the last few weeks (he was screaming to load up when POT was @ $211 and MOS was @ 136).

    POT down to $179 ah and MOS to $116.

    52 week high on POT was $216 and MOS was $144.

    Put writers were charging intense premiums, so this was baked in.
  2. They will recover. This isn't like SIGM CROX or DRYS where it dumps and doesn't come back.

    But you're a week late. Why didn't you create this thread when these stocks were at 52 weeks highs?
  3. Weren't you "loading up" on POT @ $193, "wishing you had bought more?"

    Let me guess - you sold at the top again, just in the nick of time.
  4. SIGM will recover before the year is out
  5. CROX is going to recover too. Summer's coming, time to buy foam slippers. (disclosure: I hold 300 shares of CROX- bought 110 at 10.08 and 200 at 10.63)

    By the way, i made a nice bit of money on MOS on Friday. Bought at open, sold right before close. One of the very rare occasions where I timed a stock well for the short term.

    Anyhow, my unqualified opinion is that Ag stocks will rebound with a vengeance. Now (or in this upcoming week) might be the time to buy.

  6. When a market leader like POT is murdered with a 12 point knife plunging into its back by short sellers and bears what can I say?

    This was a brutal sell off, one for the textbook in my opinion. Its was red blood all over it.

    They will recover someday, who knows, meanwhile there is more downside if the market does not go up.

    Fundamentally company's latest quarter has been stellar and there is nothing wrong with the company. Its just the brutality of this business when they rape good companies and destroy charts.

  7. Who was that guy? I know someone who was telling his subscribers to back up the truck on these. I questioned his sanity but Fridays action I gave in and probably will lose money if it does not cures itself in next 18 days.
  8. aresky


    Interesting Article from Bloomberg

    April 30.
    ... India's largest importer agreed to more than double the price it pays for the fertilizer.
    ``There's certainly upwards potential,'' said Ulle Woerner, an analyst at Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg in Stuttgart, Germany, who recommends buying the shares and has a price estimate of 320 euros, 22 percent above yesterday's close in Frankfurt trading. ``Price increases translate 1-to-1 into earnings.''
    Even after advancing 60 percent this year, K+S may add 40 percent more in the next 12 months, according to an estimate by Gunnar Cohrs, an analyst at Berenberg Bank in Hamburg. Forecasts for competitors' shares are also optimistic as fertilizer prices soar and supplies dwindle.

  9. These aren't like crox, bidz, pnra, tasr and other pump and dump POS stocks

    MOS POT MON are at the forefront of an agricultural, globalization, economic boom.

    If you want to short go ahead but most of the downside has been made.