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  1. Narratives of Paradigm: Debordist situation and the textual paradigm of reality

    W. Hans Bailey
    Department of Politics, University of California, Berkeley

    1. Fellini and the textual paradigm of reality

    "Class is part of the fatal flaw of consciousness," says Baudrillard; however, according to McElwaine[1] , it is not so much class that is part of the fatal flaw of consciousness, but rather the absurdity, and hence the stasis, of class. But Derrida suggests the use of Sartreist absurdity to deconstruct sexual identity. The primary theme of the works of Smith is a precultural paradox.

    Thus, the subject is contextualised into a structuralist theory that includes culture as a totality. The premise of Sartreist absurdity suggests that the purpose of the poet is social comment.

    In a sense, the subject is interpolated into a Debordist situation that includes sexuality as a paradox. Sontag promotes the use of the textual paradigm of reality to attack hierarchy.

    Sounds pretty 'intellectual', right?

    The whole thing is actually meaningless and randomly generated.

    Still, could come in handy for impressing a few people.

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