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  1. How do I post a pic inside the body rather then just the link.

    I know how to do this but how do I post it as a picture rather then just the link?

  2. Lucrum


    "post a reply" then look on the left hand side of the page for these instructions:

    You can also use
    ET Code in your posts.
  3. So the image must be on a physical address it can't just be a gif or file on my computer then right?
  4. Lucrum


    I think that is correct
  5. nkhoi


    <IMG SRC=>
  6. nkhoi

    OK come on tell me how you did that?

    :p :p :p
  7. nkhoi


    1) attatched your pic as you did.

    2) click on your pic to see the picture

    3) copy the ET url of the picture

    4) type this html code

    IMG SRC=the_url_of_your_pic_here

    5) then bracket the above code with "<"at the beginning, then end with ">"

    6) click save change and voila, you are an html coder

    if you still don't get it click quote button on my pic to see the actual code.
  8. Thanks nhkoi

    I owe you one :D

    I was trying to figure it out for an hour yesterday
  9. 2dogs

    2dogs Guest

    <IMG SRC=>

    It didn't work. :confused: It only showed if I left the attachment, Nkhoi (See below). But you didn't leave the attachment on your chart. What did you do differently?
  10. <img src=>

    Thanks Nkhoi, Thats much better than having to leave a picture on my kid's website :)

    Hey 2dogs, Are u going to compete with my boxer? :D

    Just an additional thought ... if u dont want to put the image link in the same post then you could put a "null" post somewhere in chitchat with the original image and refer back to it. That works.

    I have created a forum to save the originals at:
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