Posting one of my systems: It's not an Holy Grail

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  1. I'm feeling like doing something nice to ET so I've decided to explain one of my low tier models (not in terms of performance, I mean it in terms of implementing them).

    But then...

    Just posting a C# code won't be much fun....

    Just writing a pseudocode won't be much fun either...

    So the following is a pseudocode written in Japanese:

  2. Could you post this in a forum that supports unicode so I can read the Kanji? Thanks.
  3. I can read it without problems.
  4. Wikipedia shows the Japanese correctly, but ET doesn't.

    What do I have to install to read it?
  5. auspiv


    firefox -> view -> character encoding -> more -> east asian -> japanese(Shift_JIS)

    ...i think. i'm not sure what it is supposed to say.
  6. ƒIƒ“ƒ‰ƒCƒ“‚Ì’Ê–óƒT[ƒrƒX‚É‚Ô‚Á‚±‚ñ‚Å‚àˆÓ–¡–³‚¢‚Ł```



  7. heheheheh I love it :p
  8. Google's translation of your "pseudocode":

    Is the tablet platform. A little,異字break.

    締METSUKE in the organization and control approach results in a worsening recession, many managers attempt to bolster earnings. Temporarily
    Performance may be higher. However, in many cases with a longer-term, the lower the morale of employees, the organization is exhausted
    The only result.
    McGregor will be of help in considering this issue "X Theory Y Theory" indeed.

    X and theory, and say they simply性悪説. I believe that no human has worked as a lazy by nature. Subordinate
    For most people it is ordered and controlled, or not sufficient power to achieve the corporate objectives to be threatened with punishment. The Bo
    Common people prefer to be in order, weeding avoid responsibility, they want a safe idea.
    The theory is the Y性善説. Man is born to hate the job, working conditions, depending on the source of satisfaction
    It's punishment. Therefore, control and instruction in agricultural power揮means to the attainment of corporate goals is the only punishment, challenging ride
    Give people a job is its own point. Also, normal people take on the responsibility not only on conditions, to take responsibility
    'm Thinking of.

    This theory Y Theory X is the academic theory, it was classified a human view of practitioners. McGregor is, Y theory
    Argue that the results are higher than those in arts management has been in business.
    It certainly will not. People believe is better left to揮agricultural power. Some people sometimes do bad things, it is a
    Those parts.
    Y But some people do not adopt the theory. That shareholders and investors. Do managers and employees do not leave us with?
    I do not know from the introduction of internal control, the idea that should be tightly monitored through the X-theory.
    However, the sharp and monitor all of the company. Internal control is still a drag on business.

    The chase and the short-term results by management, X will tend toward the theoretical bound. Imposes a strict quota, discretionary
    Is giving, DEKINAKATTARA penalty goals in the chase. But how sweet is that when one company
    Recently, results from the first quarter, # 123; company of Bloomberg News article saying that was the norm
    Were posted. Even those who claim to be a medium of information in finance. Yes, been preoccupied with short-term figures

    On the other hand, have asked a long-term result, Y will be run by the theory itself. Days in a typical case # 123; received a Quality Award
    Tropical NETTSUTOYOTA that they will award.
    Car is # 123; even though they represent the industry, a popular dealer of the employment is very low. With auto sales
    He is shunned by strict sales quotas and sales visits.
    Tropical NETTSUTOYOTA in the industry is that while business visitors and sales quota abolished hate everyone to the Forum's existing customers
    I was focused on the activities. PURCHASE your visit, so do the maintenance or cleaning the car
    . If you are happy, employees have a challenging job取RI組MERU. As a result, the company in January and updated in January AutoSearchNEW record sales.

    However, it went from the horse's first run of the tropics is not NETTSUTOYOTA. Y results and theoretical approaches
    It takes some time to come.
    In another perspective, however, that DEMORU be good if the company KAKERE time. Numbers of poor performance and short-term
    X走RITA to be the theory, he is the true owner to be patient there.
    Y be made based on management theory, and that they will miss the employees, soon to be V-shaped recovery that is not. I
    , With the knowledge that 10 years, 20 years is important to take the long view that good.
    Employees so that "this is a good company" would be hard to feel点I.
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