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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by jcl, May 29, 2012.

  1. jcl


    I heard that it is somehow restricted to post links on this forum, for not annoying the sponsors.

    Where is the border? Can I post a link to a trading tutorial on a website that is noncommercial and does not sell any services or products?
  2. wrbtrader


    Links are good if the info is free, website doesn't have any pay services and website doesn't have any ads of third party sources that financially reimburses the website owner if someone clicks on the ads at the free website (e.g. Google Blogs).

    Also, I recommend not posting the same link multiple times (a form of spamming) especially if the website is new and you do not know if they plan to become commercial in the near future. Thus, its a common tactic for free sites to spam their links and then one day in the near future the free site suddenly becomes commercial.

    Further, if you're posting the link as a reply to someone...just send it to that ET member as a private message. You'll avoid all kinds of problems this way as a none sponsor.
  3. Ask yourself this question...

    Am I using ET for the right reasons?

    Am I trying to build my own name for a reason at the expense of the guests at ET?

    Is ET merely the place I go to pull readership to my place?

    Folks if you are using ET as a trader to discuss trading with other traders then you are letting ET be all it can be for you.

  4. jcl


    That's what I also assumed. But the problem is this:

    Joe has repeatedly edited my posts, deleted links, and accused me by PM that I "advertise services". He didn't tell me how he got this idea, that's why I'm posting here to maybe get an explanation.

    The links in question were to my private website. There I have a tutorial about programming and testing trade strategies in C, with a free C compiler and open source trading platform. This tutorial was partially written by myself, it does not advertise any commercial product. I have posted the links for a better explanation of terms like "optimizing" and "forward testing" in discussions on this forum. As many people participate in the discussions, it would make no sense to send the links by PM.

    I do not plan to offer any "services", whatever that means. I sell no products and have no advertisements or banner links. Naturally I like when people read my stuff, and I'm interested in debunking trader myths and promoting automated trading, which was the main motivation of writing the tutorial. But I have no commercial interest whatsoever to draw readers to my website.

    Joe, can you let me know why you edit my posts? It's clear that anyone posting on any forum must play by the rules, but it would be good to know what those rules are.
  5. jcl,

    We are an entire team of moderators here...why do you single out Joe? Some of us have been moderating for nearly a decade now...Do you think we are new at this?

    How do you know it was not me editing your posts ?

    If you repeatedly were posting links to your blog/website...etc and drawing readers away from ET, what would you expect?

    Discuss right here in ET and let ET be all it can be for you. Your mission is noble and share your information in ET.


  6. jcl


    Because it was Joe who sent me those PMs with the accusation of "advertising services".

    I have no blog or competing forum on my website, only the strategy and C programming stuff in plain old HTML. It's extremely unlikely that this "draws readers away from ET". Other people can post links here without problem, even to commercial websites that sell dubious trading software. I just want to know why Joe, or whoever it was, doesn't like my links. I asked him by PM, but never got a response.
  7. jcl,

    It is not the "like" or "dislike" of your website at all. It is the repeated posting of the link here in ET. Perhaps, Once or twice can be tolerated over a year but if it is a blatant posting of your link, well if Joe didn't send you the PM...I or another moderator would have. We work in shifts.

    Please alert us as to other posts that we have missed and it will be taken care of. The moderators do scan the archive frequently for these violations but need the help from the guests here.

    I apologize in advance for any misunderstanding and Thank-You for posting.

    Do you realize that this feedback thread and the discussion of your "place"...has used up all of your cards now for telling people about it?


  8. To the folks reading this thread now and in the future.

    It is my opinion that no moderation is good moderation.

    Most of the moderators here do not edit content even if their opinion of the content differs. This is not our duty to edit content.

    Let ET be all it can be for you and use ET as a gathering place for your discussions. We have some INCREDIBLE information here from very knowledgable people.

    As far as the industry...Many Professionals have ET bookmarked and visit and lurk frequently. All of your discussions and your sharing from new, experienced and professional traders make ET #1.

    Please enjoy ET and USE IT for its intended purpose.



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