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  1. Why is it that all my postings are delayed?
    In the specific forum that I am posting (trading journals), I am not allowed to edit my posts after 30 mins, but given that my entry doesn't even appear for hours after posting it, I can't even edit it anymore.....

    why is there a posting delay and how can I get rid of it, so that I can edit my messages?..
  2. ManagedAccount,

    New posters are under ...ummmmm....let's say a probation. In the beginning everybody gets don't worry we are not singling you out. Keep posting and you will see a change in time.

    Just curious? Do you manage other peoples money?


    P.S. If you are wondering why?....well you see there is a lot of spam that we aleviate this way. You would not believe what is going on in the background here in ET and at times we get rather busy. But surely you have noticed this Forum is spam-free.
  3. We are currently running managing accounts for a small number of close family members and friends to stay below applicable state and federal limits on the number of clients a non-registered investment advisor can have. We are not trying to add to the spam, but we are trying to keep a transparent record of this strategy that we can show to others later. We want to make sure our posts are time stamped accurately so people cannot say we made up these allocations later. We can provide actual results to others, but it is nice to have a third party, reputable journal of trades, dated as of the dates of our actual allocations. Also, the actual managed accounts we are running are affected by commissions, withholding taxes (for offshore accounts) and investors adding or subtracting capital at a time. This is a clean way we can show people in the future what we are doing.
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    You're in the wrong place for that sort of thing. time now: 9:28 Pacific