posters here should have to prove they actually trade

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dsq, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. dsq


    To get rid of a lot of the trashy posters here it would be nice for posters here to have to prove that they actually have active trading accounts.Its completely ridiculous to have clowns like day7793 post his nonsense here.Its not productive or useful nor helpful.I started a thread on friday about shorting wm,bac ( day7793 left a completely rude and ignorant which i replied and slammed him pretty good.Anyway posters like this serve no positive purpose to this site they only detract.
  2. jdkgroup


    I can think of 2 other handles who love to post, yet I have never read 1 constructive comment between them..........probably children....

    I agree, who wants to read crap on every fricken thread?
  3. Buddy, don't worry about them. Most posters here are Monday morning quarterbacks, demo account players like turder, small bankroll players, ....You trade what works for you. If any of the non sense spewed here effects your REAL trades, then that is sad,

    This site is strictly mostly for entertainment value.
  4. Heres a thought - why not use the ignore button? Its a free forum for a reason, censoring people just because your opinion differs from theirs would make it troublesome for everyone. Smarter readers would try to see every opinion and gauge market psychology from it. The fact that day7793 exists reminds me that there are still irrational perma bulls somewhere in this market, and for me thats a good thing as it keeps me from over extending my stops on short positions.

    Exactly, people who read this site and expect to get trading wisdom from it will be sorely disappointed.
  5. posters are here. (by definition) :D .
    so they must have an interest in trading to be here in first place.
    and, if you have an interest in trading why wouldn't you actually try it?
    the answer of course is you would.

    so, why would you assume most here do not actually place trades?
  6. Tums


    If one has the skill to discern the difference between a fade and a breakout in the market, he usually has the skill to filter out the jokers from the traders.

    The "Ignore" button does wonders to bring peace to a disarray world.
  7. Bob111


    proof? no problem-
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  8. isn't this thread's OP's theme a lot like standing up at World Pokers Champeenships shouting " i bet none of you even play poker!!" LOL :D

    c'mon man we're all here, of course we play :)
  9. Not going to happen with a free message board.

    Baron and Co. need all the visitors they can get for obvious reasons, and nothing is wrong with that, considering they are providing free message board.
  10. maxpi


    The ignore feature is a partial solution at best, threads still get taken off course and enthusiasm deflated by people I have on ignore, and when posters quote them and respond I still see the idiocy. Baron could try a two tiered system could he not? Tier 1 members could either prove they trade or pay some not inconsequential amount to afford entry, that would include traders and academics, tier 2 membership could be as it currently is with ability to see tier one posts. Tier 1 members could put tier 2 posts on ignore 'en masse on a thread by thread basis and still have the option of individual perma-ignore choices. As it is each serious poster has to discover who to ignore one by one and banned parties can sign up again in a minute and be back to pester a thread to death even if everybody has them on ignore...
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