poster was right tuco funds frozen

Discussion in 'Trading' started by john12, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. john12


    penson froze all tuco funds
  2. can they trade today?

    Boy I sure hope Kirkland had nothing to do with this mess
  3. Frozen because management doesn't want to liquidate to honor redemptions under difficult conditions, or CAN'T liquidate at any price?
  4. reg


    No trading today at Tuco. My buying power shows 0 and trades cannot execute.
    I just opened my account with them also last week. Lucky me.
    And I never did receive an email from them either.
  5. Joab



    That's gotta sting.
  6. what are all you tuco traders gonna do with your day off?

    looks like a nice day here in san diego...maybe you all should go smoke a spleif, go surfing and have a cold one at The Lahina
    this b.s will all shake out--- no worries--ENJOY THE DAY OFF!
  7. You should be back up and running on Monday