Poster boy for why Zero Hedge is a worthless sack

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    ZH has been 100% bearish for the last million points.

    ZH could never have this trade.

    PS Who were the assholes selling at 4 cents on the dollar? So much for the market is always right. There's about 1000 examples of this in the last 18 months.

    And it cant be attributed to a binary event, as these paid off at 10,20 30-1 or more.
  2. Well its like someone buying OTM options with one week left for a nickel and the thing crosses one dollar deep ITM. :)
  3. hell no. THe odds of that happening are 100-1 or more. Do you really think the odds here were 100-1?

    get real

    Morons gave it away because they where scared shitless. But why sell something for 5 cents on the dollar, better to let it go to freaking zero , than see it go back to 100 without you. Almost no one will sell at 5 cents and buy it back at 15 or 20.
  4. Ya know, if you actually paid attention, Zero Hedge isn't exactly a site geared towards giving out actual trading advice, hence it's mostly a running commentary on finance.

    It's actually pretty ironic that you chose to dis Zero Hedge on this piece of crap site that hasn't had a collection of good threads in close to five years.
  5. lol, no argument on point #2, unless you count my posting of the bottom call.

    No, ZH calls every uptick a fraud, and for the imminent collapse of Western Civilization at every turn. Calling them an 'informational' site gives them a pass they don't deserve.

    The have an ax to grind and for the most part it's been a dull one.
  6. Not sure what zero hedge is trying to be but yeah, its like
    one big conspiracy theory bitch fest..