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  1. I've tried all the settings and can't seem to prevent a poster's 1125 x 722 image from expanding the browser window past the monitor's limits. When this happens you have to scroll from left to right to read all posts on that page.

    Any solution other than getting a higher res monitor or resetting the monitor out of its native resolution?

    Is there someway ET software can automatically resize these things?
  2. Yes. If you're using IE 6, don't know how to fix it, without resetting the resolution. None of the options under Tools - Internet Options - Advanced - Multimedia seem to help. In particular, the IE Automatic Image Resizing feature has no effect, right now. Here's a sample test page, courtesy of DrawDown:

    However, in Firefox, my default browser, I like to simply turn images off temporarily: Tools - Options - Content - uncheck Load Images box. Doing that allows me to read the text normally, without scrolling.

    In case you actually need to refer to the images while reading the text (not that common), just open and load the offending page in another Firefox tab or window, before unchecking that box and refreshing the first tab. Keep both instances of the page open, with and without images.

    From a poster's perspective, we could all keep attached charts moderate size or use thumbnails.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions.

    You would think that most people would get: "keep attached charts moderate size," but no. Maybe they have large monitors or have set to a higher resolution so they simply don't see the damage they do to everyone else.
  4. Found this for a solution:

    Here's a work around if large graphics skew your ET browser page.

    Go to "Your Account "

    "Edit Options"

    Bottom of page, change

    "Default Posts per Thread:"

    to a number that will leave the post with the graphic out. You can choose 1, 5, 10, 20, 30 or 40.
  5. it won't solve the problem tho, e.g with 5 posts per thread u only need to get back a few pages more and there u still get the oversized image.
  6. I have mine set to 10 and can go back quite a few pages. What page number screws up on a 5 setting and what's the resolution of your monitor?
  7. page 44; same resolution as yours. [1024-768]
  8. It's only for that one page and 5 posts, I could live with it. Try setting it to 10. I asked the person to change the size; I just discovered it comes from a photo website he uploaded it to and not the ET server.
  9. Hey Max, Why dont stop crying like a baby. First you call me an "idiot" for posting the chart. Then you claim I am "thoughtless". Then you post numerous times about how to fix it on that thread. Then you post here an entire thread dedicated to it. THEN you have the stones to PM me!

    I told you it wasn't intentional you kook.

    Hey Baron, or Mods do me and all of us a favor and delete the chart so this little bitch can go on with his life.

    BTW, I am 100% sure you wouldn't have the balls to walk up to a stranger and call him an idiot....
  10. 1. Didn't call you an "idiot" by name;

    2. I immediately removed that post after you complained about it.

    You posted an unnecessarily large 1125 x 725 graphic that for anyone with a monitor or resolution setting less than that width, screws up the ability to read or interact every post that comes after it on that page. Are you claiming that's thoughtful?

    So someone is reading the MNCS thread which has been referenced on other web sites garnering PR for ET, they come to your graphic and then their browser is skewed, making it very tedious to read the rest of that page of the thread.

    And you would prefer, apparently, that no one posts an entry on how to fix it. Thoughtful or thoughtless?

    Imagine that? Looking for a solution to a problem. Further, anyone can read this thread and see that your name was not mentioned nor the thread where this occurred. And this is a generic forum wide problem. You're not the only one who posts too large a graphic.

    Here's the "offending" PM:

    "I just noticed that you placed this graphic on a photo website. If you go there and replace it with a duplicate but smaller sized one with the same name, it will still link into the thread and prevent the browser skew. Perhaps I should have taken this tact earlier, but didn't check to see where the image originated from. Sorry for the misunderstanding"

    Signed off with an apology... That reeks of an abusive PM.

    You said that before in the MNCS thread (the one where you put the huge graphic) and yet you haven't lifted a finger to correct it. You could simply go to the the photo site you uploaded it to: and remove the graphic. Or resize it and upload it with the same name. The first choice is a few mouse clicks

    Right. Instead of a few mouse clicks to take care of the mess you created, you want Baron to do it for you.

    1. I did not reference you or call you idiot by name;

    2. I removed the post mentioning the word idiot;

    3. The only current reference to you being an idiot are solely by your own posts, no one else's.

    And now, because of your bleating, total denial of culpability, failure to remove or fix the graphic and your own posts calling yourself an idiot, I think everyone gets the idea.
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