Postal Unit Cuts Hours to 30 Minutes Per Day

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Banjo, Jun 26, 2012.

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    let the NH folks use the automated machines like everyone else. Otherwise have your packages ready to go when the 30 min window opens.
  3. How about slashing the shit out of the amount of employees working for the post office. And while they're at it, cut their bullshit pensions in half and make them pay a portion of their healthcare costs.

    Public sector unions must be stopped before they completely bankrupt every state and the country.
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    This is the problem with the dumb a**es that populate our country. The "people of Sugar Hill" are outraged that they are cutting hours.

    Well, how about the 536 residents that live in Sugar Hill pay 100% of the operating costs of the post office and see if they're still outraged about cutting hours.

    Everyone claims they want the government to cut waste and spending, until they actually do, in which case people "are outraged".

    That aside, what about closing some of these post offices 5 days/wk? In a small town like Sugar Hill, I see no reason you need a 5-6 day/wk post office. They should just open Mon and Thur or something like that.
  5. What's a "post office"?
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    Google it