Postal Service Reports $3.5 Billion Loss

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Banjo, Aug 5, 2010.

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    cut some jobs, salary and sat. deliveries

  3. The problem with cutting government departments that are losing money or are no longer needed (assuming they were ever needed..)
    is that the primary purpose of these departments is to create jobs.
    The post office, much like the public school system, is best thought of as a massive "public works/jobs creation" program.

    The service they provide is really a distant secondary concern.
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    Wow what else is new, mail is going the way of the landline phone, the local library, ummmm books, dvds, cds, newpapers, magazines etc etc etc......

    In the next 10-20 years there will no such thing as the post office, of course fed ex and ups will still be shipping out big ticket items but mail in general will be obsolete. No need for it, I myself maybe mail something once every 6 months, I pay all bills online and 99% of the time as I am about to pay they offer me to "enroll" in "PAPERLESS BILLING" I always decline though.
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    they need a bailout
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    Another entity driven into the ground by a Union. Unions ride their employers right into bankruptcy. GM was ridden there, California is being ridden there...

    Join the fight to not have junk mail delivered. It's just the Postal Unions fighting to keep the jobs from being reduced. The Post Office will not stop your junk mail, they will ALLOW you to try to do so through a third party that you have to pay however.... so forget that shit, campaign to stop taking down whole forests just so some morons can have some really stupid and unproductive jobs...
  7. On the way to the endgame: elimination of paper currency. You think it feels like a police state now? Wait until the IRS, the police, and the banks know every penny you spend, where, on what, and how often.
  8. The post office is not charging enough for stamps. If you look at how much a stamp costs before we went off the gold standard, then you would see stamps should cost somewhere between 92 cents to 1.71 each.

    The first 100 years the post office was in business stamps fluctuated up & down between 2 and 6 cents until the late 1960s before they just started going up and up and up. Apparently though, they have not gone up enough. If they privatized the post office, any good business man could get it profitable again even with online billing. There are still several bills that I send through the mail because they want to charge me an "online convenience fee" of anywhere between $4.95 to $14.95 which if you ask me, is pretty "inconvenient".
  9. wow, you guys are still paying your bills in this economy

    you must be really good at trading. i thought everybody stopped paying bills, mortgages, etc. months ago.
  10. Go long on "Forever stamps"
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