Post Your Stats: Risk:Reward Ratio, Win:Loss Ratio, Time in Front of Charts?

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  1. For me obviously it's the best if you achieve the best reward:risk and win:loss ratios with the least amount of time spent in front of the charts. :p

    And also you need money management but that's another story.

    Do the above stats make sense to you? No matter what markets you trade and what method you use.
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    I don't believe it is possible to have the best reward:risk and win:loss ratios together, longer term trading normally produces the greater reward:risk and least time in front of charts, but Scalping produces the highest win:loss with greatest time in front of charts.

    But I believe the money management comes first, if you can't manage your dough, no trips to the bank.

    Longer term has always produced the most yearly profits on average for me, but day trading has always produced the most consistency of profits. But all comes down to how much time you want to put into trading and if you actually want a life. Between long term and day trading, expect years of hard learning and very long hours. I am putting much more time into longer term trading though, ages catches to all and don't care to watch it all day long any more.
  3. So from your post it's obvious to go with "longer term trading." But how long term is long term for you? Intraday or overnight? I did a search on your posts and I see you are an Emini trader which is cool.

    As an ex-forex trader I heard it's the best instrument to trade.

    But really... let's take your "long term" strategy. So what are your numbers then? As risk:reward, win:loss, time in front of charts?

    Many thanks!
  4. Was my question irrelevant or you are just shy? :)
  5. the definition of a full time trader is "someone who hasn't learned to take the full market's offer".

    He was trying to communicate with you.
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    name a reason for me..why would i do that? what for? i tried that here,on ET few times. only to hear that it is BS statements or altered or photoshopped.. :p
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    My longest trade in 34 years was 3.5 years, was long Japan Yen, many rollovers. I also recently started doing med term of up to two weeks and I (and my staff) day trade fourteen markets 24 hours a day, seldom in any of them more than couple hours in length of a trade.

    Long term, depending if short I hedge almost everything initially, so many losing trades in futures, I will cover losses in options, longs it depends on other factors. I will risk anywhere from $500-$800 per contract. First target is based on volitility but reward to risk is 6 to 1 min and runners more than that. Win:loss based on just futures over 20 years so far, is 28% winners. You have Outstanding years and then you have years to fight to make anything in profits, I have found day trading to make long term lean years to be huge benefit. Longest losing streak was 23 in a row and only lost $4750, and that was nearly 21 years ago, I have since made many changes to how I trade and almost impossible to lose that many again. My day trading on the otherhand has gotten to become very very good thru years of experience but at least 80 hours per week of screen time, I now average down on all my day trading signals, my concentration of not losing has paid off and weekly Goal of less than 8% losing trades overall is made often. We do have many many trades of one tick in ES, and I do not pay retail which helps greatly.

    Time in front of charts NOW for long term, have it programmed is nada, but when I had to do it manually, two hours on weekends then 30 minutes day.

    I don't always have time to come to this site...
  8. Thanks Handle123, informative post!
  9. I understand your words but not the meaning. Maybe because I'm not a native speaker. Or maybe because it's an online forum

    Do you mean the market is trying to communicate with me?
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