Post Your Screen Layout!

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  1. Well, this thread is pretty self-explanitory...

    I'll begin with mine.

    I run two monitors sideways in portrait mode at 1024 x 1080, and the third is normal at 1024 x 1080, hence the big black bar over it - that monitor is strictly for my charts... it has a 5 minute, a 1 minute, an hourly, and a daily as well as a 5 minute futures chart.

    Three open books, three LIIs, three sets of prints, and one full time and sales... the rest are filters... biggest risers/fallers as well as new highs, new lows, stocks that move more than 15 cents in 2 minutes and stocks that move more than 25 cents in 5 minutes.
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    1 LCD
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  3. fxtrader,
    YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY USING anvil. AND THAT WAS FROM yesterday(tuesday). i recognize your risers and fallers. TNH was number 1 almost all day. anyway,my layout is similar...
  4. Anvil? What's Anvil?
  5. atozcom


    An anvil is a manufacturing tool, made of a hard and massive block of stone or metal used as a support for chiseling and hammering other objects, such as in forging iron and steel items.

    In other word, an anvil is where the broker and the market maker beat you up.
  6. I must have been drunk when I made the first post...

    the sideways portrait-mode monitors are 1024 x 1280, and the normal monitor 1280 by 1024....
  7. One 17' display
  8. Apparently not

    Let me guess... crt?
  9. heres my fx setup with gft running on dual monitors

  10. Here's my IB+Sierra Chart layout running on 2-17" LCDs @ 1280x1024.
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