Post your screen layout!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by NY0BScalper, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. Here's my layout, to get this thread started...

    This is for dual 1920 x 1200 screens.

    I'm curious how you guys out there view the market...
  2. jtnet


    why do you need that much marketdepth?

    you could add another chart down there
  3. I need that much market depth. Often more.

    You just can't trade AAPL looking at only the first 7 levels IMO.
  4. jtnet


    o damn. whatever works.

    who woulda known there was some edge in that
  5. jnorty


    Now thats freakin funny as hell. You need 7 levels of quotes on aapl when it moves 10 cents in 2 seconds 100 times a day? thats bullshit. aapl never stays still for a nanosecond much less being able to gauge level 2 patterns.guys like you pick up nickels in front of bull doziers all day long and last in the business a few years and get blown out
  6. I love the layout. jnorty you and your two posts know a lot? Ignorance is bliss
  7. Did post my screen. But deleted it. This place is too much of a sandpit.
  8. jtnet


    this thread has been started about 5 times, it never takes off like the office picture one
  9. jtnet



    i agree with the aapl comment you made too
  10. auspiv


    you're a dick. who the fuck cares how much you were making?
    #10     Dec 16, 2008