Post your price targets for fall/winter! Weekly/Monthly Charts!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by RangeTrader, May 11, 2012.

  1. Applying my daytrade retracement/projection daytrade rules to a monthly chart.

    The market always seems to go a little farther than I expect so I am just basing my price target upon my exact technical rules.

    We only have 100 market days to reach this price target. Whatever we reach within this amount of time should be it for a while... Onto the next monthly retrace rally after that! Any retest of the highs restarts the counter at 120 days. IMO most we should reach over the next couple months in last gasp daily/weekly rallies is 1390 tops. A retest of the highs would be the shorting opportunity of a lifetime for long term swing traders.

    The only wildcard is can the fed do something to save the market? I kinda doubt it... They are running out of cards to play.

    DO NOT POST in this thread UNLESS you have a chart to post AND a price target.
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