Post your nicest gift you ever got

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    What did you got in your last birthday, anniversary etc etc...
    What is the nicest thing or anything you ever got...
  2. Lucrum


    Tax free cash, and no I'm not trying to be funny.
  3. Arn't they beautiful :)

  4. Mine is gonna sound silly cause it was what someone said. I will be real brief.

    After I recently got diagnosed with cancer, I went to the library to take out a movie or two..while there I decided to look in the reference section for info on cancer. I found this 1 book and I then sat down at this little round table and was reading bits of it..when I looked up, there was this real old man sitting across from me and I had no clue how he even got to sit down without me seeing him or hearing him as the table was round and small....

    Anyways, I saw him sitting across from me and the first thing I thought of was how he looked like Santa Claus. He had his head down as he was looking at some newspaper so I couldn't see his face...but he had a lot of white hair and a white beard.

    I got up quietly to go put the book back and the man suddenly lifted his head, turned towards me and looked directly at me and said "Good Luck" and then he put his head back down...totally freaked me out...I had never seen him before..

    But there is not a day since then that I don't think of him saying those words to me..."Good Luck"
  5. Handsome, you realise anyone posting after that is going to feel like a shallow bastard:p

    Electric, what with the $bills? Are they special somehow, or are the people who give you gifts just really cheap?
  6. more than one of them...I would rather not say...not that I am rich or anything like that..I just need to build my retirement in which I started late on...(some say I need 5 million for Wifey and I)

    Funny I would rather have a million of them...rather than a thousand of the c notes...but Wifey needs a bigger mattress :)

  7. I see.:)

    Got a nice hunting knife once, great quality, good heft.

    Then, the givee said
    "oh, i actually meant to give you this one",
    and produced their old ,well used and inferior model , and took back the NEW one they had given me.

    This was a nice gift, because i learned top quality steel remains top quality steel, even if it is second hand.

    And, I learned to never rely on a lousy cheapskate.

  8. a gift of my dreams
  9. Oh no, I am interested in what others say was the nicest gift they ever received..I just in my case had to say it was "Words".
    Nothing shallow about talking about gifts....
    (Materialistic Mo-Fo's)
    just kidding
  10. When I was a kid, my parents were very poor, so poor that I often didn't have enough to eat. Once I left home for college, the situation back home got much better (probably I ate too much and that made them poor).

    One day when I returned to my dorm I saw my dad who had come to visit me. He brought with him an ear of corn, cooked. He said that they were having corn at home, and had remembered that I had rarely had a whole ear of corn when I was home. So they saved an ear of corn for me.

    I never ate that corn. Saved it for a long time until it just went bad and I had to throw it away.
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