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  1. No one ever fesses up to losses in futures trading , so I'm giving you a chance to correct that.

    The biggest silver loss gets a refund from my personal account.
  2. Peilthetraveler and Hydroblunt lost their DIGNITY by fanatically insisting that the COMEX is out to get them, and silver is simply unavailable....ANYWHERE!!!!


    What a bunch of Weinuses!
  3. fuck silver.

    These are the rantings of kool aid drinkers.

    the chart is no different than the feeblest penny stock promotion.
  4. sign me up I lost 380k trying to find a bottom. So feel free I'll send you my wire instructions.
  5. This man deserves applause for incurring great financial + emotional risk, in pursuit of gain.

  6. Most of the clowns talking up silver have no more skin in the game than a single Roosevelt Dime their grandma gave them when they were 10 years old
  7. Feel free to post your oil losses as well, we dont want to leave anyone out
  8. Maybe that shows how rare silver really is! :)

    I can show you people who make 100K+, have a net worth in the millions, nice house, lots of retirement funds, etc. Group 10 of them together and they probably have a few ounces of silver.

    Short term no one knows what it will do, but the long term is really not in question.

  9. wrong, theres 500 million ounces in Franklin mint garbage alone
  10. local


    If you have been at this long enough there will be times when you lose money. There are no exceptions. Whether an individaul chooses to disclose that is up to them. It is the advisors that make extrodinairy claims (e.g. 18 consecutive profitable years) in order to impress/attract "clients" that I find amusing. These kinds of claims should serve as a red flag instead of some measure of success. Didn't Bernie M. make similiar claims ?

    Regards, local
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