Post Your "Lessons learned" from recent trades

Discussion in 'Trading' started by KCalhoun, Oct 17, 2020 at 9:21 AM.

  1. KCalhoun

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    Kind of a think out loud thread. Reminders, tips etc


    - trade less often, be more selective

    - focus on gappers and 2dh charts

    - trade more size with great charts, eg I did well with HTZ SQQQ Friday but undertraded them

    - price action and trade management is all that matters, not headlines or my opinions
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  2. SteveM


    Realized that 4 losing trading days in a row was completely normal, once I reviewed the day-by-day results of my trading system.

    Helped me have the confidence to stick to my trading plan.
  3. I make consistent money scalping and ignoring risk to reward.

    Trade 2 instruments at the same time.

    Document in spreadsheet how much the trade would have made after I exit.

    After a loss, keep on trading.
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  4. Dont trade when not focussed. Patient is key. Clarity will always appear
  5. Scanman


    don’t overtrade
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  6. chart pig

    chart pig

    Slow down.
  7. Never trade during divorces or when a hot girlfriend wont stop caressing you while your trading RH Mob stocks. How can I focus when she’s being silly? Pros like Ken have learned to handle many instruments at once while trading, still learning here
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  8. chart pig

    chart pig

    Depends on what they are turned on by........if it is you working, do like i have done and start buying and selling small priced stocks for 1 share. IBKR has a verbal confirmation so it sounds like a really busy and important trader while she gets frisky. Works the other way too. I'm busy!
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  9. Scanman


    and in rhymes

    trend should be friend

    but when it overextend

    could be time to mend

    or will be your end
  10. padutrader


    firstly if a up bar is printed then if there is a pb........and the previous high is taken out then you have a trend.........if the previous high is not taken out....... then that trend has failed..

    that is all you have to see to trade....

    so if you have the above market structure you can assume it will continue as long as a low or the swing low is not taken long as a low is not taken out you may trade in that direction

    so choose a trend and trade can only trade a trend.....there are no reversal trades.....only cars have a reverse gear
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