Post War Ideas?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aphexcoil, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. Obviously we're going to war and we're going to find Saddam and kill him and his piece of shit regime that tortures little kids while they rape their mothers.

    After we're done with Iraq, what next? Do we turn to the second member of the evil axis and remove North Korea's leader? I personally think that this is an exciting time to be alive. We have a lot of great action about to take place with really big bombs ready to be dropped -- and this is in an age with HDTV. Now we'll be able to see the dust clearly as it rises up from where Saddam's palaces used to stand.

    Time to kick back, snap open a nice refreshing can of Bud-light and watch our U.S. boys kick some serious ass. Thank god for smart-bombs, satellites, HDTV and 24 hour news networks.

    (If I were Saddam, I'd be shitting myself right now. 12 years of endless bullshit just came to an end. I wonder if he's got an ace up his sleeve because he surely needs one. This poker game is over and we're cashing him out.)

    ROCK ON U.S.A !! Let's get these pump prices lower while getting rid of an evil dictator! A win-win situation if I've ever seen one!