Post Surgical Infections

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Brandonf, Aug 17, 2008.

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    Several weeks ago I had to have the lymph node near my groin removed, the next day the area around it was red and inflamed and VERY sore compared to what it had been after the surgery. I hoped it would go away. It did not, and as a result I nearly died of a STREP infection, which on top of all my other problems is about the last thing I need. This is a picture of my right hip, the small hole in the middle goes all the way down to the bone. If you have redness and soreness after any type of surgery...get your ass back to the doctor RIGHT AWAY.

    If you are the slightest bit quesey, dont look at this pic.
  2. Thanks for reminding me just how well off that I am today, after I stepped on a yellow jackets nest and picked up about a dozen stings.
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    Ouch, feel better.
  4. Even Medical Doctors will tell you that hospital are very dangerous places.

    Be well.
  5. what other problems do you have
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    HAHA, just the cancer and this right now, which is basically related to the cancer. Had I not had to have the lymph node removed and my immune system compromised due to the cancer and treatments I would not have gotten the infection.
  7. I know someone who had a brain aneurism-went well, except for the golden staph infection.
    2+years later, bedridden with a tracheotomy, 27 times they have been into the skull, scraping away honeycomb (something to do with that particular thing), fixing shunts etc.
    Had a cracker of a week last week i hear, they stood up by themselves for about five minutes, very good sign in the circumstances.