Post office is broke

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ang_99, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. I used to think the post office was the one govt agency that was run extremely well and you had to give the govt credit for that.

    I was wrong.

    Its official, the government cant run shit!

    Everything the govt gets their hands on goes bankrupt.

    Social Security
    Govt workers pensions
    what else?
  2. With a service like the USPS, it's a little more complicated than just making a profit. Building roads and bridges doesn't directly earn a profit; earnings come from increased tax revenue from a more efficient economy. Perhaps the USPS is similar? I know it was at one time, but things change and maybe it's time to eliminate or privatize.

    Oh, and saying the government can't run shit is a cop out. Eliminate the two party system and the useless infighting it promotes and elect officials who can get the job done. No excuses.
  3. I agree, a 2 party system sucks, nobody wins.

    The USPS doesn't have to turn a profit, it just needs to break even.
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    Realistically, that never happens though. The Post Office just delivers mostly junk mail nowadays, it's a union thing to keep them working. Try to call up and get the junk mail stopped, they will refer you to a third party, private sector outfit that charges you to negotiate stopping your junk mail.

    I knew a guy that ran a rural post office, a private sector subcontracted thing.. he told me what some of the rules were, it was nuts, purely arbitrary bureaucratic rules made up by the union guys almost certainly, to make his life miserable because he was not in the union.. and the PO had goons that would enforce things and make sure he got fined for selling stamps between the hours of 11am and 1pm on a Tuesday with an odd calendar day too.. it's sickening... these unions are running roughshod all over us and we can't seem to do much about it..