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  1. "Just think.

    Forget about who is going to be president for a moment. It doesnt matter if it is a republican or democrat.

    Just think of how stupid and pathetic we are as a nation.

    Over 2 million morons are going stand around DC for this event, hoping and praying that their lives are going to get better. What gets them there? Hope and prayer.

    Where the hell was the anger and demand for change when the govt, Fed, and Treasury was setting the stage for the future rape of our children thru the terrible financial crisis? Where were the 2 million outraged americans who should have been marching on the capital demanding the heads of all involved?
    Not the 100 or so people who were protesting outside the Fed instead?

    Instead we have 2 million people going to stand around Washington with tears in their eyes, hoping as usual, that "someone else" makes their lives better.

    If only everyone in DC on Tuesday could wake up and realize that they could take the country back on that day. They could, instead of standing their applauding the non sense that is going to take place, make a stand and demand real long lasting change now, and the heads of all who helped to destroy the country now and who are assuring that our kids and their kids will be paying for it all in the future.

    Just think, if people had any sort of real courage or true love for this country, by Tuesday evening, the people would own this country again, many of the criminals that inhabit congress would be waiting for trial in a jail cell or outright hung from the tallest tree tops, Bernanke, Greenspan, and Paulson, would be put against the side of the capital and stoned for their treason against the people of the USA...etc.

    If we had any courage at all, by Tueday evening, the congress and all the remaining elected officials of this country would be shaking in their boots knowing the "people" of this country mean business and we will no longer tolerate the actions that benefit the few at the expense of the many.

    We should ALL be ashamed that we are wasting this opportunity this Tuesday to put real fear back into the government who have forgotten that it is us, the people, who rightfully own this country, and we have the right at any given moment to take back this country from those who would abuse power and destroy it.

    But alas, it is all for nothing. After all the cheering, the tears, the comparisons to MLK, etc, this country will remain the same. The wool fully covering everyones eyes as they look to our corrupt government to make everything better, while the select few profit the most, the poorest barely survive, and everyone else in the middle from the parents down to their innocent kids, pick up the tab for the whole damn charade. "
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    I didn't know they had any good posts/posters at yahoo. Obviously they do.
  3. Outstanding post. Definitely one that I'll pass on to friends. - - -
  4. Not a single coherent thought in the whole post. The time to take back the country is November 4th, not January 20th.
    No single or even a group of people has the right to 'take back the country' at 'any given moment' in a democracy. You have a campaign, an election then an oath of office taken and you wait to see the result. Rinse and repeat.
  5. Sexy post, IV.
  6. With that mindset our country would never have become a country in the first place...