Post FOMC Market Action

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What will be the reaction to the FOMC Policy statement

  1. Market will rally

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  2. Market will selloff

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  3. Market will be flat

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  1. How do you experts think the Market will react to the FOMC Policy statement.
  2. Pabst


    In like a lamb and out like a lion.....
  3. theres a good chance we gonna rally imo, if fed says another rate increase'n'we done...then further rates dependent upon data.
  4. I think we will sell off
    May the rally we have ben having is already anticipated in it
    Could be possible
  5. contrarian ET play locked in $$$$
  6. Pabst


  7. although I hope to be flat by 2:15, I'm thinking, tough talk in addition to the requisite 1/4 point; sell off anyway -- a washout, initiating the 30-50% retracement due for the dollar....

    ...or just a straight-ahead $ rally. washout would be preferred, setting up buying opportunities.

    until I change my mind, that is...
  8. Does any one go
    1 ES long and Ym shot and see what happens and act,s according to the situation
  9. romik


    probably the opposite to what the majority anticipate
  10. I think 1 YM long and 1 ES short would be better as YM has been out-performing ES.
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