Post economic collapse game plan

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  1. It's obvious that a good percentage of the people that post here believe the collapse of the US economy is not only inevitable but imminent. My questions for those that believe this is:

    What exactly is your game plan after the collapse?
    What have you done in preparation?
    What can be done?
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    I will give you BEST preparation and WORST

    BEST :

    lots of farm land, seeds, water source, gold and sliver and guns and ammo. In other words you don't need the grid if great depression hits.
    Laugh all you want. All the rich people have the above covered.


    don't have anything, don't do anything. No savings, no food, no ammo, nothing.
    I think most people are in between the two.
  3. long gold
    be in another country
    pretty simple

    Jewish Albert Einstein left Nazi Germany in 1931 or something
    War broke out @ 1938 , Camps started earlier. 1935
    People who think they can survive a collapse during Nazi rule, were in for a surprising awakening.
    NOBODY survives a collapse unless they are outta there.


    On another note, I don't believe the country US will crash, USD on the other hand , is trouble.
    Long gold would suffice.
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    funny you should say that

    rumor has it rich people in government and banks like Goldman, own lots of LAND in other countries.

    In US they have condos and houses. But LAND in other countries. :eek:
  5. Is this a rumor you just made up?
  6. does the market look like it is expecting a collapse?
  7. We all know that Marc Faber has suggested the farm, guns and gold approach.

    But is anyone aware that Barton Briggs said the same thing two years ago?

    Barton Biggs has some offbeat advice for the rich: Insure yourself against war and disaster by buying a remote farm or ranch and stocking it with ``seed, fertilizer, canned food, wine, medicine, clothes, etc.''

    The ``etc.'' must mean guns.

    ``A few rounds over the approaching brigands' heads would probably be a compelling persuader that there are easier farms to pillage,'' he writes in his new book, ``Wealth, War and Wisdom.''
  8. Likely correct.

    Even if you are prepared to live off of the land and be self-sufficient, most will not and will try to take yours. To survive such, you'd need the cooperation and community of others... start your own little town, so to speak, and be prepared to defend what you have with arms.

    If we get to that point, best would have been to be out of the country...

    I think this collapse thing or perhaps equally bad would be Obama's Nazi-izing America... is a legit concern. I'd be willing to take my chances outside the US, but wifey thinks I'm crackers and dismisses the idea offhand. Gotta say, pisses me off... not enough to get a divorce over it... at least, not yet.
  9. What makes you think it'll be better anywhere else? The collapse of the world's largest economy isn't going to be an isolated incident. The US economy is "too large to fail" in the sense that if we do it'll plunge the whole world into a depression, not just us.
  10. America has some problems others don't... especially, heavy social system burden from the Boomers, and no reserve to fund it. And other countries don't have Obama and Andy Stern (SEIU) trying to turn them into Communist-like states. (If you're not very afraid of these two assholes, you should be.)

    Suggest Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland for starters.
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