Post Debate Buzz For Herman Cain

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  1. Fox News generates post-debate buzz around Fed-Insider Herman Cain, obscures Ron Paul

    FLASHBACK: Herman Cain, 2012 hopeful: “There’s No Reason To Audit The Federal Reserve”

    Herman Cain, former Chairman and Member of the Board of Directors for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, flippantly denies the need to Audit the Federal Reserve while hosting the Neil Boortz Radio Show on 12/29/10

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  2. He's a clown . No threat what so ever as hell will freeze over before republicans nominate a black man as their presidential nominee
  3. jem


    by far the most racism is exhibited by union members and those in lower socio economic circles.

    the kkk (democrat organization) even came out against the tea party.
  4. Larson

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    That is your greatest fear isn't it? That the Republicans would field a viable black candidate.
  5. 90 years ago :confused:
  6. No fear at all,it will certainly never happen in my lifetime
  7. Lucrum


    I don't think Herman Cain would get my vote in the primaries but I'd certainly vote for him over Husein O<s>s</s>bama.
  8. Agree.

    I don't understand his appeal to people. He didn't seem to have many insights, just bring in "experts." Also, he is for the "fair" tax, which is a cop-out to avoid dealing with reality.
  9. Another RACIST shows his true colors.
  10. Another dumb ass who shows what a fucking idiot he is
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