Possible U.S. currency redesign

Discussion in 'Economics' started by wilburbear, May 24, 2009.

  1. pspr


    Maybe all currency will have Obama's picture on it. We could put up posters and bill boards everywhere with Obama's likeness. We could then pray 5 times a day to the Obama facing Washington or where ever the Obama happened to be. We could ask the Obama to forgive us for the error of our conservative ways.

    We would all promise to the Obama that we would henceforth practice infanticide and speak of appeasement to those who would try to nuke us. We could ask the Obama to dismantle our military and defensive systems and pray that the kind words from the Obama would protect us from our enemies. We could seek out those who make a profit and take that profit to give to those who contribute little to society. The Obama says it is only fair that those with profits share it with others anointed by the Obama.

    The Obama has great plans for us. He will cause the great wind generators to rise from the ground. He will blow forth wind from his lips and make them turn. He will have us place solar panels on every roof and he will make the Sun to shine 24 of the hours every day so we may have electricity.

    Oh Great Obama, we will follow you over the edge of the cliff for your namesake.