possible to out-grow your broker??

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  1. let's dream for a moment that we are the 5% successful traders who are just raking it in....

    the average account size of a client at a retail forex broker is probably frankly quite small. But what of those who actually are pulling it off? Where do the super rich do their trading?

    at what point, or account size, or contract size, should one start shopping for a 'big boys' broker, and what are some examples by name.....

    last time i read, FXCM for example, when your 'micro' account is above $2000, they will want to move you to a 'mini' sized account. Well, maybe I want to trade Martingale style, and I need to buy 8192 contracts on my 14th trade...

    anyone have any insight into what the next level up from 'retail' brokers is? I don't have any clue as to names, or what to ask or how to find these place. I assume they exist. If your broker only has $60,000 of your account protected by insurance, where do we go to find the places that can handle larger account sizes.

    thanks for any help, i've wondered this for a while...

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    That really depends on what you want and what you're trading, but here are some: Goldman Sachs, primes of other former I-Bank's (in whatever form they exist now), ITG, Newedge, Neonet, Instinet (the agency brokerage, not the ECN that Nasdaq bought), Miletus, Lava, EdgeTrade.

    Also, brokerages such as Genesis, Lime, Assent, etc. each cater to a wide-ranging mixture of "retail" and "professional".
  3. ICAP would be another name.