Possible to get pic on floor of NYSE?

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    Question: We have opened an account with a broker who has told us that he can get us on the floor of NYSE for a brief tour. I understand that I'm not allowed to take any pics; do you know of any third party firm that maybe the NYSE has approved that can snap a couple pics for publicly pr?

  2. I went there on october, and NO, you can't take pictures, you need a license to take pictures, not even the traders can take pictures, only if you have the license. Hahahhaa its so ironic, it takes money to take pictures.

    And the security to get inside, is tougher than at airports.
  3. Does anyone know of any ways to get into the NYSE without opening a brokerage account?

    Are there tours available?

    Maybe I'll start building my business that will be soon listed on NYSE! lol;)
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    i took these with my camera phone. heh. ;)

    <img src="http://img.lenta.ru/news/2006/06/13/nyse/picture.jpg">

    <img src="http://snde.rutgers.edu/Rutgers/Econ394/Unit2/nyse.gif">
  5. Dominic


    Any idea who I would contact to see if they have a license?

    My partner and I will be given a tour of the NYSE floor next month by Goldman Sachs seeing that opened our hedge fund account with them and would like to have our pics taken.

    Any direction on how to obtain a photographer with a license to take pics on the floor would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Well, I dont know, of anyone, but maybe tell your contacts in Goldman to set up something for you to take pictures legaly.

    I could've taken a picture illegaly, but then the guy from investor relations told not to because he could get a fine.

    the trader with whom I was talking to in the trading floor was like : "Ok, lets take a picture" hahaha he didnt have a clue.

    Another thing that might be possible is trying to get the guys from the media to take the picture for you.

    you know what impressed me? The trader with whom I was talking to, didnt have a clue about who tha heck was alexander elder. hahahhahaa

    It's a wonderful experience! THings in the real world, are not like in the books, I got a reality check, definitly!

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    1185 on your right looks clueless :)

  8. Just google on NYSE floor, using image search...