Possible to get historical options data using IB/Python API?

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    Does anyone know if it's possible to get historical options data where the expiry date is in the past? Eg, if say, today is 07-Jun-22, and I want to get options data for 02-Mar-22 for APPL call options at the strike price of 130, with an expiry date of 04-Mar-2022. Is this possible?

    I'm a newbie to Python, and have a simple script which gets the historical options data for expiries that are for the current week/future (eg 10-Jun-2022), but when I try to get the historical options data I get the "No security definition has been found."

    This video by IB themselves (at 14:30) states that once the option has expired, then it's data is removed from the database and it's data is thus no longer available. I was thinking maybe there is a way, or there may be a 3rd party service available (happy to pay) which has this options data.

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    Thanks ZBZB, sorry I should have stated that I'm not looking for EOD data - I need a bit more granularity, like every hour, or preferably options data at 10 minute intervals.
    ivolatility.com and www.historicaloptionsdata.com are EOD data.

    I'll check out the other two - do you know if they can provide the detail I'm looking for?
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    Thanks @angrytrader , you are right - it's only possible to get historical data for currently live expiries.

    Meanwhile, I have another question. I've got a basic Python API script which gets historical prices for stocks like AAPL say, and the main code looks like this :

    #Create contract object
    contract = Contract()
    contract.symbol = 'AAPL'
    contract.secType = 'STK'
    contract.exchange = 'SMART'
    contract.currency = 'USD'

    #Request Market Data
    app.reqMktData(1, contract, '', False, False, [])

    ...and this works fine.

    However, when I try the same code for SPX, I change the 'contract' details to be as follows :

    #Create contract object
    contract = Contract()
    contract.symbol = 'SPX'
    contract.secType = 'IND'
    contract.exchange = 'CBOE'
    contract.currency = 'USD'

    and this gives me the error :

    "ERROR 1 162 Historical Market Data Service error message:No historical market data for SPX/IND@CBOE MidPoint 600"

    I have full SPX data permissions, so it is not that. The Description of this security on TWS is :

    and my code matches this.

    Anyone know why this is not working?

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