Possible Terrorist Attack in Miami?

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  1. http://www.cnn.com/2002/US/09/13/alligator.alley/index.html

    "They scared me," said Stone, who was sitting with her son at a table next to the men.

    According to Stone, the men appeared to be in their mid-20s and spoke English without accents. She said one of the men had a long beard and wore the type of cap she said she had seen Muslims wear.

    "'They think they were sad on 9/11, wait until 9/13,'" Stone said she heard the man with the beard say.

    Stone said the men were talking about Miami and had noted that they were running about five hours behind.

    She said she heard one of the men ask: "Do you think we have enough to bring it down?"

    Another one of the men replied, "If we don't have enough to bring it down, I have contacts and we can get enough to bring it down."
  2. Enough of this bullshit, it is time we clean the house.
  3. Like I said in "Moment of Silence"

    Blow the fuckers off the map and do it YESTERDAY

    They want us dead and I want them deader.
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    BTW, there has been a large explosion in the BASF plant in Houston. Plus one in Pristina. Plus one in Gaza...

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    Fortunately it looks as if there is no threat. These 3 guys caught a woman giving them a suspicious look in the restaurant (probably because of their ethnic origin) and stupidly decided put on a show for her.

    In my book this is the same as standing in a checkin line at an airport and joking about having a bomb. (They will prosecute you to the full extent of the law in that case and I believe they should do the same to these 3 jokers). Sheesh!


    I can see it now from the wacko liberals "Racial profiling!!" accompanied with gnashing of teeth and much wailing.
  6. Babak,

    What's really messed up is the fact that the media has released this woman's name publically -- so if and when these guys get released, I seriously would be somewhat alarmed if I were her about something happening in the future.

    Why did the media have to release her name? That should have remained an anonymous tip. Somebody screwed up on that one.

    I do agree with you -- these three bimbo medical students have a lot of balls doing what they did so close to September 11'th. As far as I'm concerned, if they think terrorism is a joke, we should strip them of their right to be in this country and send them back to their home countries.

    Right now we should have a 0% tolerance policy for this type of nonsense.
  7. I agree. Even racial profiling would be appropriate to defend our Nation from terrorism. I would hate it if it happened to me, but it is for the greater good.
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    Even though I know the number of people that have died ranged in the thousands, it doesn't hit you as hard until you see all of their picture shown one by one as their names were read out...May all of them rest in peace.
  9. Amen to that!
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