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  1. The bulls desperately need a shot to take back control today and it looks like their shot will be around 1072.25. This is the 50% retracement of a 15 minute ambush long drawn from lows at 1036.75 to highs at 1107.75. The failure of this ambush long is at 1063.75. If the bulls do not defend this level it could get really ugly.

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  4. There is no insert image button. How can I show charts then
  5. There is an "attach file" space in each post window.

    Additionally, you can upload them to a host (even your host is fine) and use the "img" html qualifiers. See the ET Code link in the post window for more information.
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  8. Right now the /ES is testing the 1072 ambush long. The failure of the long setup is at 1063.75. If this ambush long fails it should confirm the 1004 target of the daily ambush short. BANK is getting slammed, market breadth has been negative all day, people are selling low ticks, and bearish divergence is active. This might get nasty.

    Here is the chart:

  9. Just saw -122:1 NYSE market breadth and trin at 14 !!!