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  1. These are the stocks on my short watch-list for Monday, 12/22.

    Dark Cloud Cover / Bearish Engulfing Candlesticks -

    Symbol / Support

    PMC - $14.79
    RAH - $56.79
    AAP - $32.25
    TPX - $5.80
    BHE - $12.75
    TEVA - $43.32
    FE - $49.72
    GIS - $58.73

    Please feel free to post any stocks on your current short watch-list.

  2. Hey Hammer time, I love to critique picks and give my opinions on them, it helps me to learn, so please don't take any offense. I'm a newbie trader and I like to post what I see and please critique my critiques. Well, here's my critiques below.
  3. Well, it's not easy to say critique that many times.

    PMC = I would wait for a close below the support from the breakout of the double bottom if I wanted to be short. If I wanted to be long this would be a good buying oppurtunity.
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  4. RAH

    Seems to be very similar to PMC
  5. AAP

    I like the rising wedge on both the daily and the weekly that price has fallen out of, but on the Monthly I see we're sitting at major support
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  6. TPX
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  7. These shorts kicked ASS today! The only 2 that didn't trigger were PMC and TPX. The others all hit for some nice intraday profits, including BHE in the morning session, which fell through our short signal early, tested resistance around 12.5, back up to downward pressure at the previous day close (couldn't break), then back through our support signal again at 12.75 all the way down to 12.40.

    Please join me in posting your short ideas here whenever you can. Perhaps we could talk about your favorite short setups as well.

    DRYS materialized into a great short today, as did a ton of securities around the middle of the trading day.

    what do you think about tomorrow?
  8. bhe
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  9. GIS
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  10. Looks like they did all make money on Monday though. Congratulations, hammertime, guess you made some money! yeah, this critiques are really for tommorrow.
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