Possible Oil Solution

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  1. Most of you young Turks are too young to remember one of the first public uses of the Internet.

    It was used heavily in the 70's to publish the method of creating enriched Uranium and hence an Atomic weapon, much to the demise of those trying to keep such information a secret.

    Possible Oil Solution
    1. crush coal into fine powder
    2. use Alchemy to reduce sulphur content, whether through electronic scrubbers or otherwise
    3. mix in other stable chemicals to provide fuel grade petro consistency, such as Ethanol or otherwise
    4. substitute this refined "gaseous semi-liquid coal" substance for refined petroleum
      Let's see how seriously this realistic solution really is in a discussion forum.

      Imagine the possibilities


      Two Bear Hunters went Upstate to hunt some bear....

      they came across a (road) sign that said: Bear Left,

      --- so they went home.....
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    Heh, in the 70s the net wasn't really public, it was ARPAnet - used by the defense dept. and associated research facilities and universities, it wasn't even fully TCP/IP until the early 80s. Even in the 80s it was just email, list servers and newsgroups, as I recall (although they probably had gopher, telnet and such). By the late 80s elite pirates had distribution systems built on it to distribute software.

    1. They are already using crushed coal in power plants and there is a way to get gasoline like fuel from coal . Right now it is just much cheaper to process crude.
  3. Interesting. But after all that bio-fuel is still a primary additive. Why not force auto makers to build engines that run on bio as per Brazil. Just grow it out right and scratch the coal derivative process. Sugar, corn..and ""GASP""hemp all transform into great fuel for autos.

  4. because then "they" couldn't have a monopoly on it and make $$$ by forcing people to buy from "them" as we all down now imo
  5. back that car up again

    betcha, garage car / parking garage workers would love seeing that car parked there.....

    Chronic Dude!
  6. Wasn't the diesel engine originally invented to run on coal dust?
  7. hehe. "They" have actually created a 0%THC hemp seed which when grown has all the characteristics of regular hemp but cant get you high. :mad: :D

    Last time I checked you cant make clothes from barrel of crude after you process it for fuel. What a plant!
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    1. Try googling Fisher Tropsch, the process Germany used in WW2 to make oil from coal and is still used in S. Africa.
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