possible FX leverage 'cap' gonna happen?

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  1. possible FX leverage 'cap' gonna happen?..I heard/read that Forex firms in USA might possibly be restricted to a max of 100-1 leverage in Forex trading in the USA...do you think this might really happen?...if yes, when?...what are the implications of such a restriction?

    To me it seems as if many traders could no longer trade FX and many FX brokers might go out of business?...agree?...just my thoughts here...thanks for your input!
  2. If it is 100:1 then i don't need any more, i use less now,
    but i think they are talking about a lot less than that?
  3. Anyone using more than 50 times leverage is destined to lose all his money
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    i have no problem with them caping the leveraging to 100

    i use oanda and it is caped at 50
  5. If they limit it to 25:1 or less I hope they plan on making a provision for protection of funds!

    Since Refco it seems people prefer to keep less in their trading account and take advantage of the small margin requirements.

    In UK we're protected up to GBP50k but as far as I know FSA and FSCS are the only ones to offer that level of protection for forex traders.

  6. Your funds are protected up to 50K GBP in the UK?

    Does this only apply to UK residents? or can US residents be eligible somehow with your FX broker?
  7. do you all think it will actually happen?..if yes, when?
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    CIPF I believe from Canada offers 1M protection if the firm is a recognized dealer, whatever that means. A list can be found here
  9. The proposed cap was 1.5:1
  10. does that mean 150-1 or what exactly?
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