Possible EBAY bottom

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by BudFoxx, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. BudFoxx


    This is more of a technical play. No near term catalyst insight, but seems due for an oversold bounce. inets still weak, but due to bounce if comp runs more. Either way.. Good for a trade here for swing players.

    EBAY $ 23.50
    eBay Inc. -0.15
    Shares Short 50,040,163
    Days to Cover (Short Ratio) 2.9
    Short % of Float 4.59 %
    Shares Short - Prior 46,420,328
    Short % Increase / Decrease 7.80 %
    % from 52-Wk HIGH ( 47.86 ) -103.66 %
    % from 52-Wk LOW ( 23.41 ) 0.38 %
    % from 200-Day MA ( 34.47 ) -46.68 %
    % from 50-Day MA ( 27.48 )
    -16.94 %
    Price % Change (52-Wk) -45.77 %
    Trading Volume - Today 7,125,522
    Trading Volume - Average 17,138,880
    Trading Volume Vs. Avg. 41.58 %
    Total Shares - Float 1,090,000,000
    Total Shares - Outstanding 1,415,394,158
    % Held by Insiders 16.53 %
    % Held by Institutions 66.30 %
    Market Cap 33,261,762,713
    EPS 0.72
    PE Ratio 32.80
  2. BudFoxx


    ebay nice bounce after post yesterday.. looks like a nice long from here
  3. dimeo


    Look at it's fundamentals and the technicals, and you can see why it's up 5% today. Here's an article from my blog: http://trading-notebook.blogspot.com

    Sarah Gilbert over at 'bloggingstocks.com' writes that:
    "The stock has taken a beating thanks to management exiting under questionable circumstances, potential competitive threat from Google, worries that Skype may be a money-losing (or at least, no-money-making) proposition".

    So EBAY's value has fallen by half purely based on concern and worry. Why aren't people jumping to buy at any of this news:

    Revenue from eBay's marketplaces rose 22%, while the company's gross merchandise volume rose 18%. Sales for the operator of the world's biggest
    online marketplace rose 30% to $1.41 billion, also in line with
    expectations, as revenue from eBay's PayPal payment business rose 39%
    to $339 million.

    In the second quarter earnings call on July 19, EBAY reported a growth rate of 30% over the prior year quarter. The 2Q EPS was right on the estimate at 0.20.

    In the mean time, on July 26 - Analyst Robert S Peck of Bear Stearns upgrades eBay Inc (EBAY.NAS) to "outperform." The target price is set to $33. And by July 31 - Analyst Mark J Rowen of Prudential Financial gives a target price of $40.

    Take a look at the current financials and you will notice that EBAY is also not taking on debt to finance this fantastic growth.
  4. jsmooth


    i actually covered my long term ebay short position on 7/27 @ 23.70, also thinking that we might see a bounce/consolidation period at these levels.
  5. Just went long at 24.15.