Possible cure for Chit Chat Flaming

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by hapaboy, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. Baron,

    How about either a limit on posts to chit chat per day, or per week, or increasing the time allowed in between posts on chit chat while leaving the other threads as they are?

    If you had, say, a 5 posts per day limit, a 35 posts per week limit, or a two-hour time interval between posts, that would cut down on all the flaming and make people be more choosy about what threads they respond to and what they say.

    It would also make your moderators' jobs a lot easier.
  2. Threads only get moving, and encourage the rapid fire wit and wisdom (cough, blech) because posters can respond quickly.
    Naturally, hap is against his threads being flamed, but perhaps' if one were to enforce such draconian censorship rules as is being proposed, the best method may in fact be to stop anyone, for example, copy-pasting new thread topics to a limit of one per day, for example.
  3. You make no sense at all. Limiting the amount of posts will affect my ability to post on other threads as much as it will affect those who wish to post on mine.

    Claiming I'm doing this just so my threads aren't flamed is ridiculous.

    C'mon ac, what are you afraid of? Seems to me like this prospect really disturbs you and you're trying to instead make this all about me.
  4. Let's see if I follow this logic.

    The reason people flame is because of the frequency of their posting? The cause of the flaming is proportional to the number and frequency of posts?


    Conclusion: Flaming is caused by number of posts and frequency of posts.

  5. Easier solution would be to charge 5 cents per post in chit chat while posts in other forums remain free.
  6. Hmmm....

    Pay per flame, sort of like ET's version of the dunking booth at the local carnival....

    Oh, and what keeps people from flaming in other non Chit Chat threads (which they do of course...)?

  7. Well, well, He Who Would Be Most Affected By A Limit On Posts turns up to ridicule it.

    Surprise, surprise.....

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  8. wait a minute!

    What about Pay per Joke??

    I dunno... that has kind of a nice ring to it.
  9. how about a combination of

    5 free posts/time
    then extra onces cost a few cents each
  10. Oh, what a shock from the guy that loves bumper stickers!

    How about words per post limited to 3?

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