Possible 1st Stage Obama October Surprise

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  1. pspr


    Could this be how Obama tries to rally the country behind him before election day?

    Possibility 1)
    Picture the next and final debate on foreign policy. Midway through the debate a uniformed Army Officer walks out on the stage and whispers something in the President's ear. Moments later Obama announces to the nation that he is going to suspend the rest of the debate and make an announcement to the American people. Romney is ushered out of the room by the Secret Service.

    The podium is transformed in seconds with the Shield of The President and teleprompter screens positioned on each side.

    Obama proceeds to make a 60 minute pre-planned announcement that the attackers of the Libyan Consulate have been brought to justice and taken out by U.S. armed drones. He then precedes to outline in detail how his conflicting statements on Libya were designed to keep the terrorists off balance while they were being identified and located so they could be eliminated.
    Possibility 2)
    During the debate a shot rings out and the President clutches his shoulder and falls to the ground. The perp (put up to the deed by the Obama Campaign) has fired a blank round but a device under the president's jacket has imparted a shallow wound to his shoulder.

    The perp is hauled off to an undisclosed location and after treatment Obama says he will continue the debate with his right arm now in a sling and bandages apparent under his jacket.
    Either of these possibilities could throw a big monkey wrench into this election.
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    I think you watch WAY too much TV.
  3. pspr


    So, you think possibility Number 1 is plausible.

    I just hope I'm not back here posting on this thread next week saying, "I told you so". :D

  4. I'm convinced piss poor is posting from an insane asylum
  5. Imagine the ideas he has that he doesn't publish.

  6. Great call pspr
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    I thought you were opposed to trolling.
  8. Commenting on his prediction isn't trolling .
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    Commenting? Don't you mean rubbing his nose in it. That WAS the purpose of your "comment", was it not?
  10. Yes.Great call by pspr.Only a genius could have made such a prediction
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