Positive news is coming on Oxford Covid-19 vaccine backed by Astra Zeneca

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    I am hearing there will be positive news soon (perhaps tomorrow) on initial trials of the Oxford Covid-19 vaccine that is backed by AstraZeneca and supported by tens of millions of pounds of government money.

    The first data is due be published in the Lancet.

    Apparently the vaccine is generating the kind of antibody and T-cell (killer cell) response that the researchers would hope to see.

    That said, the efficacy will only be properly established in the large phase III programme that is under way in the viral epicentre of Brazil, to deliver a large database that assesses safety as well as efficacy.

    One source told me: “An important point to keep in mind is that there are two dimensions to the immune response: antibodies and T-cells..

    “Everybody is focussed on antibodies but there is a growing body of evidence suggesting that the T-cells response is important in the defence against coronavirus.

    As I understand, not all of the many vaccines under development across the world increase both antibodies and T-cells. But the Oxford vaccine looks as though it has this twin effect.

    It remains relatively early days: No effective vaccine has ever been developed as rapidly as is being attempted for Covid-19. And there could still be disappointment and failure.

    If the Oxford vaccine is proven effective, it could go into mass production as early as September.
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    The race is on!! Hopefully this vaccine produces less side effects than the Moderna Inc. one. The one from Moderna Inc. sounds scary from the description of the side effects which is not surprising. The vaccine actually contains messenger DNA that makes the body sick all over again in order to force the body to produce antibodies. If this is what I am going to experience from a vaccine, I might as well contract the virus and get sick and really produce antibodies. I really hope this Oxford vaccine is made differently.
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    Check Moderna.
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    Snake bite mostly third world not pandemic. There are > 300 millions cases of malaria and 500,000 death every year, around the world, and that is not pandemic according to WHO.
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  9. I think you are right , but WHO did not label it as a 3rd world problem...…...….
    NO wonder WMT is requiring masks this Monday. GS says it could be a ''1 trillion bucks boost''[National mask mandate/ US] A mask in more populated areas may WORK BETTER THAN any virus hype/20% effective/typical ratio for virus vaccine
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    There's +150 labs working on a vaccine and about 23 show promising including going into the human clinical trials between end of July to September.

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