Positive expectancy to being long stocks.

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  1. The people i know that have made fortunes in the stock market have been OWNERS. they do not scalp and do not short. think about it. we all learned that equities follow the economy and also go up slightly with inflation. why does everyone try to predict when they will go down?

  2. exactly correct....!!
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    Can you say 2000-2001?
  4. You cannot lose buying stocks.


    It's different this time.
  6. what happens if you had bought a basket of stocks in early 1929.....you would have had to wait for 16years to breakeven. timing is everything.
  7. Just buy stocks. Doesnt even matter what.

    Timing is immaterial.
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    Taser and Krispy Kreme

  9. Phenomenal longs if you bought a few weeks ago. Just phenomenal.

    Very good example, thanks.
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    What happens when the U.S. is no longer competitive economically - it has been a global economic leader since ww2 *gasp* that's about how long equities have been hawked as an investment vehicle for the masses!
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