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    i thank you for your input....i like (or likely need) the discipline of going to an office every day....the comarderie is great and the exchanging of theories, ideas..discussion of finance, economics stimulates my creativity and helps to generate different trading concepts.

    i admire you guys that can trade from home...it must be an isolated existence but for some that's a real incubator..

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    Of course, the prop firms as a whole prefer to subtly promote the idea that you don't need a sizeable capital base because there are a lot more potential "customers" out there with small dollars than big dollars, and salesmen can't go cutting down the size of their potential markets...

    i asked nst this question too...what is the business plan for the day trading firms?....does the lion's share of their revenue come from brokerage fees?..or from the trader split with the house...?
    i have no problem with trolling for the largest potential market (earning brokerage from the vast supply of under- capitalized traders) but it is disingenuous for some on the site to tout daytrader earnings when the gravy is actually very low risk brokerage and not astute choosing of traders...or is it a healthy mix of both revenue streams?

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