Position trade alert

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Lojanica, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. It's on my buy list---position trade for a multi-YEAR swing
  2. ETF's are designed to become worthless. Trade the futures instead. :cool:
  3. clacy


    I've been looking into this trade as well. A couple of problems that I haven't gotten around yet.......

    1)Time frame is way too long for me to trade futures, not to mention natty futures aren't even close to even their recent lows and there is way too much downside left to take a position trade in this.

    2)I am becoming skeptical of these etf's that trade futures, as UNG isn't even close to tracking NG. As another poster pointed out, these things seem to underperform the asset class they are tracking too often. In particular the inverse etf's and some of the commodity tracking etf's.

    3)I guess I could trade natural gas companies such as CHK, NFX, etc but their charts look to have been in a rising channel for some time now and I suspect I would be way too late to the trade.