Position: Software Engineer -Trading Strategies

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    Java Developer -Software Engineer -Trading Strategies

    Our client, a very profitable trading company is searching for high level core Java developers. Our client is looking for bright people with extraordinary skills, experience, creativity and drive to join a rapidly expanding company.


    Our client is seeking developers to work on proprietary trading strategies that will run on our high-performance, electronic trading platform. Responsibilities include improving the scalability, performance and efficiency of existing strategies. This position involves strong collaboration with traders to research and prototype new strategies.


    Candidates should have an interest in trading and financial markets
    Candidates should enjoy working in a fast-paced, dynamic environment
    Analytic ability and raw talent are required
    Strong mathematical aptitude; background in math, physics, or statistics is a plus
    Proficiency with Java is required
    Experience in distributed and/or highly concurrent systems is a plus
    Excellent communication skills are required


    Our client offers wonderful benefits and even catered lunches!

    Please call me at 425-558-3500 ext #385 or email me at tluckett@eqqus.com
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    never thought I'd see java and high preformance in the same post. LOL


    - mnx