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  1. Aloha, itÕs nice to hear from you again. I use a lot of charts in my emails. Can you read charts ok?
    Ok let me get this right, you are asking me if it is OK to Kill your winners.

    My guess is that Joe has a lot of students who will not stick around unless they get some winners, right away. Even if they miss the big ones that may retire them for life. A strategy like that is great for brokers, but I donÕt see how going against the basic rules can have any long-term positive benefits.
    Especially if you start with 3 times your normal position.
    Livermore ÒDonÕt put all of your position on at one place.Ó I think he got out all at once just the opposite of Joe.
    Yes I use WSC. What kind of results have you been getting. What do you like to trade?
    JerryÕs letter stands alone. I use Barchart for technicians.
    Do you mean you do not unleash the power of 95% of your trading capital?

    Just keep about a thousand per spread and go for it as the market allows. Increase in the direction of trend. Increase winners, decrease losers.
    If you have been following JerryÕs WSC for a year you must know by now that an initial spread trade six to eight weeks. Pyramids to that trade are of course shorter. Nothing less than two weeks. Three days, any three days except the last three days mean nothing at all.. Andy churns!

    The force behind seasonalÕs is climate. Got that climate, not weather. How can you tell ÒWeather,Ó that it must behave in a three-day period? If you cannot make weather do it, how can you expect to foretell a twenty-year pattern in climate on one weeks price action in a simple derivative?


    Show me the charts!!

    What a bunch of baloney. Many spreads have late bottoms, 3 days , 3 weeks. So whatÕ get in, pyramid'em.

    Sure many of the good ones may bottom early, so you never have a down day when you get in late. But hay that should have been the first pyramid. The initial position should have kicked in closer to the bottom.
    Really the simplest way is to use JerryÕs ÒDaily spread report (DSR). As long as you know youÕre bias, the difference between where he got in and your average Ògetting in,Ó price. With just a look you can see winners and losers. Add to strength (new highs), sell weakness (parabolic etc.)

    I use Word in Office to write letters like this, then cut and paste into emails of boards. Word has the tools for trendlines. I am now on a Mac so I use SnapnDrag to shoot charts and make pdfÕs for emailing traders.
    Believe me, JerryÕs DSR is the core of simplicity. He has already done it all for you. Send me your spread questions as they occur, donÕt wait and forget them.
  2. Many times, I feel that Gold, Andy, Joe, etc. could be working closely for the same PR firm - advertising on ET for free. :D
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    Is it a joke? :confused: Not funny ...
  4. Aloha Cnms2,
    Welcome to the discussion. Hay C2 you can search on my posts. You will see I am consistent. I trade Spreads.


    What can I explain to you about my post or just spread trading in general. If my posts contained as little content as the one you posted here I would have a million by now. Search on thread starter, descending from the beginning for content.