Position Sizing software for Mac / OSX

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by nravo, Sep 16, 2007.

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    Anybody know of any?
  2. None, however adaptrade runs under crossover fairly nicely...

    Of course at this stage of the game just run parallels or fusion and screw trying to find OS X specific s/ware..... of course this is merely my own opinion...

    I save OS X for real stuff. LOL.
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    Yeah, I hear ya. It's getting that the only thing I use Windows for is trading apps. Wasn't for that ....
  4. I have been testing parallels with a number of trading/charting apps, and so far it has been great. I am running the new v3.0, but 2.x was just fine also.

    Button Trader
    DTN iQ
    MB Trading
    Schwab Street Smart Pro

    I might add it's nice to see TWS has a OSX friendly app for my IB account, just incase the windows environment would screw the pooch. I run that on a 2nd Mac. I would also note the TWS app doesn't require an Intel Mac, so that also leaves some nice options to run on older, yet still nicely performing Macs.

    One big step for OSX/Intel Macs would be one or more of the direct DATA providers to offer OSX friendly software. However, I suppose it's kind of the "chicken or the egg" scenario of which comes 1st... apps or data. Can't have one without the other.

    There are a couple of OSX options I might note...

    AlphaTrade (data feed & limited charting)

    I'm sure there are more, but I haven't really looked since getting parallels up and running with the apps mentioned above.

    Still, I'd love to see folks mention more OSX options if they exist.
  5. I did use Investor RT with Auto Trader. I didnt like the lag time from hitting the buy/sell chart button and the time that the order showed up in TWS.

    I Liked Investor RT as a charting pkg.. It's really nice and easy to program...

    Now I use AmiBroker. Easy as heck to program, runs under crossover with no problems. V5.01 is very Stable. I have yet to have it lock up or crash on me.... Auto Traded orders are near instantaneous... I am sure there is some lag, but it is on the order of milliseconds (3-7 I'd guess)
  6. I forgot Investor RT. It could run off the IB data feed, right?
  7. Yes it does, with historical data pulled from DTN Access
  8. I use InvestorRT and autotrader although i don't use them together. I just look at charts on IRT and then enter my stops and targets using AT.

    I don't care for the DTN data feed as its sometimes flakey, so I get all of my data pulled in from IB.

    Works flawlessly for me on a macbook with an external screen.