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    Job Title SPECIALIST - Jr. Trader, GMF&S Swaps & ETFs

    Location New York, NY, US

    Organization Name GMI

    Department Description

    The Global Markets & Investment Banking group (GMI) provides investment banking, equity, debt, and capital markets services to corporations, governments, and institutional investors around the world. By applying market intelligence and integrating global resources, GMI creates innovative client solutions and complete relationships with a singular focus: preeminent client performance.

    Brief Description

    Job Responsibilities

    Position Description:

    Enter all trades into relevant systems. Products include: single stocks, index baskets and ETFs, and prop trading
    Trade/execute client orders
    Work on balance sheet management (the desk is constantly looking at a variety of instruments to determine cheapest funding instruments).
    Confirm and check details for each new trade with the counterparty
    Reconcile all positions in all products on a daily basis
    Research and resolve any p/l discrepancies with the finance group
    Track trades, risk and analytics of the portfolio
    Producing accurate daily risk reports, ensuring proper risk submissions, assisting in creating new risk reports for new products
    Being the liaison between traders, brokers, clients


    B.A./B.S in Finance or Accounting
    Must interact with traders, other traders assistants, client services, finance, documentation and settlements.
    Ability to perform in a high-pressure environment.
    Must be proficient in Excel
    Experience in Visual Basic a plus
  2. This looks a little better than that position at SAC - you know. The one where you bend at the waist after the hormone pills. I wonder which one pays better?
  3. From what you describe, I'd be more concerned about the nature of the remunerative installments.
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    does merrill supply the ky jelly, or do you bring your own?